We have the following new introductions for your consideration this year:




(Poinsiana Regal x Seedling)


(Dormant tet, 30”, 6.5-7” bloom, 3 way branching, 15 buds;   mid through late season, consistent bud builder, making a long bloom season)


Across The Garden Path can best be called a coral-orange with a soft red eye and a chartreuse throat.  Streaks of red flare out on the petal segments from the center eye.  Weather dependent, the color expression can vary from coral-red to deep orange.


We had one large clump growing on the end of a row by a pathway  and wanting to increase the stock of this one, we lined out a number of fans at the far end of a planting.  Due to the color and size we (and garden visitors) were drawn to that more distant planting site.


Initial blooms are in the range of 7” while later season bloom is more around 6.5”.  One of the matters that we have appreciated about A.T.G.P. (other than the bold color expression) is the fact that she is a consistent bud builder which makes for a longer bloom season.


We have grown this bold daylily for a number of seasons, using it with some hybridizing projects and just enjoying its presence.  With a number of requests from garden visitors we have decided that it was time for introduction.  With a very strong stock of plants, we offer this one at a low introduction price.


Price:  $35.00  (NET—2-fan plants)

(not subject to discount)




'All’s Well That Ends Well’



(Calligraphy x Seedling)


(Dormant tet, 34”, 7” bloom, 3 way branching, 18 buds;  mid through very late season, consistent bud builder)


All’s Well That Ends Well can best be called an unusual form type with its extra large, flaring starfish like blooms.  Blooms readily reach 7” across, making a statement from a distance.


Color expression can best be called a pink toned lavender with chartreuse throat and deep green heart.  Depending on weather the expression can range from pink to a sandy hued lavender.


We appreciate the occasional bud builder that we have worked with, and this is one of these.  AWTEW is a consistent bud builder which stretches the bloom season to the point that this is one of the latest of our introductions.


Color holds well even on very hot days and blooms open well on cooler days as well.  A sturdy grower that makes a commanding clump, especially since the bloom is held up on taller scapes


So, if you are looking for an unusual form daylily that draws attention and has a long bloom season, you will not be disappointed with All’s Well That Ends Well.


Price:  $50.00  (NET—2-fan plants)

(not subject to discount)






'Envious Heart'


‘Envious Heart’

(Midnight Merlot x Seedling)


(Dormant tet, 32”, 5.5” bloom, 3 way branching, 16-18 buds;   mid through late season)


While we have never done much work to produce “eyed” kids in the hybridizing process, those that show up have often been eye catchers.  Such is the case with Envious Heart. We never expected this result when using Midnight Merlot as a pod, but looking back at the pollen parent from the Tompkins’ lines with Poinsiana Regal, we see where this could occur both with color and bloom style.


The base color could likely be termed a soft cherry red hue with a much deeper red eye imposed.  Added to the color scheme is an intense green heart.  Petals are outlined with the same deep red as the eye of EH.  Blooms tend to be flaring, opening readily.  Color holds well here in summer’s heat.


A good grower, clumps readily produce a strong flush of bloomscapes each summer.  For the hybridizer, EH produces eyed kids in a wide range of colors.


Price:  $50.00  (NET—2-fan plants)

(not subject to discount)




A bee on a flower

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'In My Father’s House'



(As You Like It x All Things To All Men)


(Dormant tet, 30”, 6” bloom, 3 way branching, 20 buds;  mid through late season)


When it comes to choosing a name for In My Father’s House, we were saving a special name for a daylily we are very pleased with.   As the picture here indicates, this is an elegant daylily with overall style and grace. 


Color expression can be described as a lavender-mulberry blend with a much lighter creamy lavender throat and a chartreuse heart.  The petals are ruffled/scalloped and outlined in cream edging.  Bloom segments recurve nicely, adding to the overall “style” of this daylily.  During periods of higher temperatures, more of the mulberry color will often express itself.  In cooler temps the lavender tones dominate.


We appreciate the fact that IMFH has a more staggered bloom, giving a longer bloom season.  Color holds well here in summer heat.  A strong grower and rock hardy here.




Price:  $75.00  (NET—2-fan plants)

(not subject to discount)




'Poetic Line'


‘Poetic Line’

(Heartbeat Of Heaven x Seedling)


(Dormant tet, 36”, 7” bloom, 4 way branching, 18 buds;   mid through late season, occasional REBLOOMER)


The color of this large, taller daylily can be described as a lavender rose with a lighter lavender throat and a green heart.  The bloom is heavily ruffled with the petals outlined in a creamy lavender.  Blooms tend to have a rather vertical presentation.  Blooms are held well above the foliage, giving a good view even from a distance.


Poetic Line has been a premier parent her for us, producing kids with good height, strong branching, high bud count and commanding bloom especially in tones of lavender and rose.


As a mid to late season bloomer, she has an extended show period.  Each season we find some rebloom.  For the hybridizer, seed set is generous with nearly every bloom setting pods.


We are very pleased with PL and have nice plants available.


Price:  $50.00  (NET—2-fan plants)

(not subject to discount)




'Secret Gift'


‘Secret Gift’

(Sweet Clover Honey x Another Man’s Praise)


(Dormant-Se tet, 38”, 6.” bloom, 4 way branching, 22 buds;  mid through late season, occasional REBLOOMER)


We have long appreciated pink daylilies, but have never really pursued them for some reason.  The pink genes involved in Secret Gift popped out through one of Karol Emmerich’s introductions, Pathway Of Peace.  From its initial bloom SG has held our interest.


The base color can be described as an appealing clean pink with rose overtones.  A light lavender pink throat yields to chartreuse and then to a strong green heart.  The green and the pink colors do especially well together.  The heavily ruffled blooms are outlined in creamy white.


Blooms are very round, well balanced and open readily with a recurved,  very round ball like form.


The problem with many pinks that we have seen is that they tend to be on the shorter order, so the above average height of Secret Gift is appreciated.  You will never have to stoop to see the bloom.  Plant her where you need something with height that shows up across the garden.


This daylily has been appreciated by garden visitors and we finally have a decent stock of plants to offer.


Price:  $50.00  (NET—2-fan plants)

(not subject to discount)




Last Year’s Introductions



'All Hands On Deck'


‘All Hands On Deck’

(Rocks Cry Out x Heman)


(Dormant tet, 30”, 6.5” bloom, 4 way branching, 18-20 buds;   mid through late season, occasional REBLOOMER)


If you like a daylily that really demands attention from across the garden, may we suggest our introduction of All Hands On Deck?  Here there are several clumps at the far end of one of the growing areas, but visitors always find her when she is in bloom as she demands attention.


The picture tells the story. A.H.O.D. is a red adobe bitone of flaring form and is

rampant with gold sawtooth edgings, tendrils, knobs and folds.  The sepals exhibit a lighter color tone than the petals and are lined with crimping and tendrils. The centers of the blooms are the same gold as the wide edgings, and then lead to a chartreuse tone in the depth of the heart.


A.H.O.D. blooms in staggered form, affecting a long bloom season.  Colors hold well on hot days and blooms always open readily.


So, if you are looking for an unusual form daylily that absolutely demands attention, you will not be disappointed with All Hands On Deck.


Price:  $50.00  (NET—2-fan plants)

(not subject to discount)




'As You Like It'

‘As You Like It’

(Moon Over Narnia x Heartbeat Of Heaven)


(Semi-evergreen tet, 28” 6.5” bloom, 4 way branching, 20 buds, mid through late season, REBLOOMER)


Both the pod and pollen parents of As You Like It have proven themselves to produce some excellent ‘kids’ here.  In the case of As You Like It the best genetics of both parents came together in choice form. 


As the picture aptly portrays, this daylily in simplest terms can be called a very clean lavender toned pink.  Adding to this soft color is the matter of a large cloverleaf chartreuse toned yellow throat and a deep seated chartreuse heart.  The petals sport borders replete with relaxed ruffling and lots of pleats and scallops of light creamy yellow.


The overall effect of the bloom is both relaxed and alluring with a somewhat recurving form.  Blooms open readily on cooler mornings and are resistant to spotting and thrip damage as it grows here.


As You Like It ultimately forms a large clump with lush, deep green foliage which looks nice through the season, making a good contrast with the soft toned blooms.


Bloom season is prolonged due to a staggered opening and often with rebloom. Here a wet spring never fails to produce some nice rebloom.  The same is accomplished with giving extra water early in the season.


We highly recommend As You Like It as a parent for hybridizers as well as a choice garden plant.








Price:  $75.00  (NET—2-fan plants)

(not subject to discount)




'Crossing My Fingers'


‘Crossing My Fingers’

(Cloud Of Witnesses x Fear Not)


(Dormant tet, 28”, 5” bloom, 4 way branching, 20 buds; mid season)


The cross of these two Emmerich daylilies proved very fruitful with our introduction of Crossing My Fingers. Whether you wish to call her a bi tone or a bi color, this daylily has been pleasing in its expression and growth for the last several seasons.  Like the pollen parent (Fear Not), C.M.F. is a total dormant and is absolutely rock hardy.


The petal color is that of a pink with the slightest lavender tones, whereas the sepals have a very light milky pink expression, forming a good deal of color contrast.  The blooms have a chartreuse center leading to a bitter green heart.

Petals are nicely ruffled; substance is heavy; colors are sunfast.  Overall form is somewhat triangular with a very finished appearance.


S.M.F. is a strong grower and a heavy bloomer.  As a parent for hybridizing, she strongly produces dormant kids even when crossed with evergreen types.  A great garden plant that we enjoy.


Price:  $50.00  (NET—2-fan plants)

(not subject to discount)




'Dare To Be Different'


‘Dare To Be Different’

(from seedlings of Tompkins’ lines)


(Dormant tet, 28”, 4.5” bloom, 3 way branching, 15 buds; mid through late season)


Dare To Be Different is assuredly that in regard to its color expression.  Admittedly, it may not be for everyone, but many garden visitors have commented positively on this one.  One of these visitors said D.T.B.D. was his idea of a daylily dipped in root beer.  Accordingly, we thought about registering her with the word rootbeer in the title.  Unfortunately other hybridizers had the same idea, so we settled on the matter of Dare To Be Different, thinking that this fit the situation aptly.


Your idea on the base color is likely as good as ours, but a friend with good color taste suggested using something with the term “mauve”.  That seems to work well, so we supplied one more expressive word to it:  Mulberry mauve.  Blooms tend to have an outward facing tendency, somewhat trumpet like.  She sports a deep merlot eye, culminating in an apple green heart.  Sepals often have deep lavender streaking and recurve nicely.


So, if you dare to be different, this daylily may be for you.  We have no other such color in the many hundreds of cultivars and thousands of seedlings we grow.


A strong grower and rock hardy with a prolonged bloom season.


Price:  $40.00  (NET—2-fan plants)

(not subject to discount)




'Poet Laureate'


‘Poet Laureate’

(Timeless Truth x Heartbeat Of Heaven)


(Dormant tet, 28”, 5.5” bloom, 3-4 way branching, 15-18 buds; mid season REBLOOMER)


Regarding daylilies, there is something very pleasing about a very round bloom with lots of clean color expression.  That is the case with our introduction of POET LAUREATE.  As the picture indicates, the form is very round with somewhat recurving, very wide petals.  The base color is best called a purple lavender with some grape tones.  Next comes a wide watermark of lavender blue, and then a chartreuse throat that centers with a bitter green heart.  Stemming from its parentage of Timeless Truth comes a double border around the petals: light lavender and then an outer rim of white.  Additionally, and a matter we like, is the deep veining on the petals.  Lots of complexity that blends to well together on this daylily!


Poet Laureate has proven to be a very strong grower for us and extremely hardy. She sends up a strong flush on bloom each season.  Especially on younger clumps, P.L. tends to be a strong rebloomer.  This does much to extend the bloom season.


If you are looking for a strikingly beautiful daylily that performs well on our zone 4 farm, we can heartily recommend POET LAUREATE.  Additionally, POET LAUREATE has proven to be an excellent parent for us.



Price:  $75.00  (NET—2-fan plants)

(not subject to discount)



'Twilight Shadows'


‘Twilight Shadows’

(Crossing Over Jordan x Under His Wings)


(Dormant tet, 30”, 6.5” bloom, 4 way branching, 16-18 buds;  mid season)


From its maiden bloom onward we have enjoyed the deep color saturation of Twilight Shadows, which is expressed in very clean, pure tones.  We have looked forward to its bloom each season and have used it a good deal in hybridizing projects with good success.


The base color can best be described as a deep red toned burgundy.  The next layer is a watermarked center of washed red; then a chartreuse center ending with an apple green heart.  The broad, ruffled petals are outlined in a narrow band of the same color as the watermark center.  Overall it is the sort of bloom that attracts visitors with its great depth of color and a striking watermark.


A strong grower, Twilight Shadows quickly established a large clump.  It overwinters readily here.


Price:  $50.00  (NET—2-fan plants)

(not subject to discount)




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